For pest control For agriculture For breeding For warehouses For drugstores For home and garden For production plants For hotels and restaurants For hospitals

Implementing a new way into the heart of the European Market

We importing promoting and distributing into central Europe markets, mainly Czech and Slovak Republic professional and nonprofessional pest control and Hygiene products, plant protection products, repellents, high quality fertilizers, plant growth stimulants and more.

Our goal is to help world quality products to find their way into those growing markets. Our knowledge location and tools can provide world companies a safe and effective bridge into the central Europe Markets.

Brands that are beening presented by Samura:

  • Kollant – Italiy
  • Agrisense – England
  • Alcochem – holland

Our distributing segments include:

  • Pest control
  • Breeding and Agriculture
  • Drugstore
  • Home and garden
  • Production plants and warehouse
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Parks and public areas

We provide to our partners:

1. Market Analysis

Starting with our Acquaintance with the markets up to a full report from our Analyzing partner company according to the products and investment that required.

2. Registration and legalization

Dealing with chemicals and biocide our Acquired experience will be provide for the process of registration and legalization.

Czech Republic is between the most competitive places in the European Union to registered biocide – contact us for more information.

3. Selling and Distribution

Samura growing chain distribution system will able your products to flow into the market in the most effective way.

4. Marketing and promotion

Ensuring that the product’s will not just get to the shelf but also to the hands of the clients, marketing and promotion plan will be consist into the work in different levels according to the goals and the targets.

Contact us for more information – phone: +420 724 052 404, e-mail: